Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Writers read...

...and writers who are going to a workshop in 5-6 weeks read a LOT. There is a required reading list for a short story workshop I'm going to attend in May. Seven books. All anthologies of various genres. Someone on the list estimated it was something like 3500 pages.
I had to order 5 of the books - the last 4 arrived yesterday. The six I haven't read yet are now stacked on a table in my office. I am almost finished with the first one and my brain is buzzing with ideas.
We are supposed to refrain from commenting on the books until the workshop, where I assume we will tear them to pieces. So if my online friends wonder where I am, I'm probably sprawled on my bed or curled up in a chair - nose in a book.


Brenda said...

Yeah, I wondered. LOL About why you hadn't updated as well. I figured spring break and kids were keeping you tied up. So what are you reading exactly?

Laura Ware said...

Right now something seems up with blogspot so I can't update this morning.
As to what I am reading - they are short story collections. Finished a fantasy/horror anthology, now reading "Moonshadows," a romance collection with a Nora Roberts tale.
After that, I have 5 more anthologies. Mysteries, sci fi, and something called "American Short Stories."
Will keep you posted. :-)

Blogging by Tina said...

Yo, Laura, I can comment on your blog . . . so go comment on mine! ;-)

Blogging by Tina said...

Incidentally, I had problems with blogger.com yesterday; they could just be acting up.