Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A child's step by step

I've been thinking about this as I watch my 18 year old, John. Even though you can tell when he doesn't shave and he towers over me at 6' 2" (and growing) he still doesn't look like an adult to me. He is still my child, who I once held in my arms and played with.

He is a senior now and can't wait for high school to be over. His college is already selected, and we are making plans for taking him there in August. I'm already telling myself I can't cry until we leave.

When I took him, his brother, and myself to the dentist last week, I had to make an appointment for him that was not with his brother and I. It means he will be gone in less than 6 months.

Each day I watch him take another step away from childhood, towards adulthood and independence. I know it is how it must be, and I will not try to stop it.

But sometimes I think about it and wish I could hug the little boy again.

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Blogging by Tina said...

I REMEMBER that little boy. Waahh!!!