Friday, March 18, 2005

Terri Schiavo

I find this whole story so troubling. If we tried to starve an animal to death, we would rightfully be called barbaric and unfeeling. But it's ok to starve a human being?

Part of this is the husband does not really come across to me as being concerned for his wife. He has constantly refused to attempt to rehabilitate her and is currently living with another woman with whom he has fathered children. Some people say he has a right to have a life - why stay married to Terri if he wants a life?

While I deplore the slow starvation of Terri Schiavo I have mixed feelings about Congress stepping in. As was pointed out, they had 5 years to intervene, why now?

Whether you think my opinion is a load of peanut butter or not, I think we all can agree about the importance of having your wishes written down someplace. Had Terri's wishes been codified in a document instead of having to resort to hearsay, this story probably would not be making the news it's making.


Brenda said...

When my aunt died I was her closest living relative and had to make the decision whether to resucitate her or not when her tired heart kept failing. I listened here yesterday to a debate in which the radio hosts seemed to believe the only time these issues were addressed was if a living will was present, but thats not the case. She didn't have a living will but it was left to me to decide whether she lived or died. I could tell the doctors thought we needed to let her go.
God spared me from having to make a decision.

This case bothers me. They say she will feel no pain as she starves to death but I somehow find that unbelievable. Even the smallest of God's insects feel pain.

If she were dependent on life support to breathe then I wouldn't be having this difficulty, and I truly feel few others would. The truth is, Terri can live without support but she can't eat. So, we're going to starve her to force her death. That's how it feels emotionally anyway.

What of MS patients and others who become so incapacitated they must have a feeding tube inserted? What does this say about their quality of life and does it open dangerous doors?

I have no problem with the decision to allow someone to slip away who truthfully is already gone. I just wish I could be convinced this is the case here.

I agree about congress but will give them a benefit of a doubt and say that I don't think anyone outside the issue thought it would actually, finally come to this. I can't fanthom why the husband doesn't just allow her parents to care for her.

Brenda said...

Now I'm even more torn:

Laura Ware said...

I know what you mean. I mean, go for a day without food or water and see if it feels good - they are trying to say this is humane?
And she certainly realizes something is amiss.