Monday, March 07, 2005

Working at home and other myths

"Work at home," they say. I am blessed that my hubby and I can get along on his income and I want to write, so it sounds great, right? Sounds totally doable, right? Let's deal with reality, OK?
Reality is that everything else seems to come first - house, kids, errands...I know, I know, don't answer the phone, lock your door, etc. I have been trying by setting a specific time to write. It is not a total success yet. Probably no one else's fault but mine - I am not by nature an organized person and I could probably grow in the area of discipline.
So why am I typing on my blog instead of writing? Umm....good question!


Anonymous said...

You know, I truthfully think that often creative people also are the ones who have the most trouble focusing. I know when I start a project that I sometimes have to force myself to set short term goals to stay on task. Otherwise I get pulled into so many others endeavors and then nothing gets done.


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