Monday, July 11, 2005

Steaming mad...

I heard someone on Sean Hannity's radio show today call the United States a terrorist nation. This same woman said years ago that she hoped Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' wife fed him a lot of eggs and butter so he would get heart disease and die. She says she won't apologize for THAT statement, either.

I get mad when people talk about conservatives being hateful yet someone from the left says something like this and it's OK. When will they call their own into account for what they say?


Blogging by Tina said...

That steams me mad, too. Why is it that liberals are allowed to pick on conservatives but when the conservatives do it, it's called "hate speech"?

Why are people allowed to bash the USA but when we criticize other nations, we are criticized for doing it?

Why can Bill Clinton do no wrong and why can GWB do no right?

Brenda said...

"Their own", they have us so divided that we believe it's "their" job or "our" job. In this case "they" mean the politicans. Why don't we police both sides and keep the personalities out of politics?

I don't like Bush. I do believe he misled us into a war. For that view I have been called any number of unmentionable names as well as ungodly, unamerican and unpatriotic. I've been told I don't support our troops because I don't support the war and that's simply not true.

It truly is on both sides. It's hot heads who refuse to separate individuals from their positions on issues. They tend to attack the person instead of addressing their contention with the issues.

If politicans as a whole have done this to us, then it's up to us, the people, to take the debate to a higher level.

Laura Ware said...

Brenda, I disagree with you about Bush and the war, but the comments section isn't the place for such a discussion.

I don't think it's right for either side to call names. But, IMHO, it seems the press gives one side a much harder time about it than the other. Do you really think it's right when Durbin compares our troops to Nazis, some woman hopes a Supreme Court Justice dies young of heart disease or the same woman describes the country we live in as a "terrorist nation?"

Anonymous said...

Since you said the discussion boxes weren't the place for these comments then how can I answer you, Laura? So I'll just, with some degree of disappointment at feeling like my hands were just slapped, keep my comments elsewhere. My apologies.

Laura Ware said...

Nonono, it was OK for you to make the comment. What I was trying to avoid was a back and forth on it.
I just said I disagreed and wanted to leave it at that without us debating Bush and the war in a series of comments.

That is ALL I meant. I am truly sorry I wasn't clear in my response. You indeed have a right to express your opinion, even if it is different from mine.

JimNewy said...

Huhraah, Laura, because I get mad at the prepetual double standard the prevades the liberal mindset. If this was someone on the conservative right the left would hang them.