Monday, July 04, 2005

Building a Computer From the Ground Up 3

It's's ALIVE!

With a cable provided by our preacher (who has asked I not bug him for 2 weeks in payment) I FINALLY have John's new computer up and running. Windows is installed, and all the drivers.

Right now it is taking up half my workbench in my office. John has taken that over so he can install stuff and try it out. We took the network cable that went to my bedroom and hooked him to the Internet with that.

It means I share my office with my 18 year old for the next month or so. I guess that's not so bad, given he goes away to college in August...


Brenda said...

Usually when someone yells "it's alive" at me I tend to scream: "KILL IT! KILL IT! KILL IT!" because it's invariably crawling towards me. LOL

Congratualations, Laura! You got more what fors than I do.

Laura Ware said...


Thanks, Brenda, I needed a major laugh out loud this morning. [[]]