Saturday, July 02, 2005

Building a Computer From the Ground Up 2

We got the power working!
(Note to those who might ever get it in their heads to build a computer: they include those golden posts for a REASON! Use them!)

So John and I merrily start installing things now that we know we haven't broken anything. Then we find out the ribbon that attaches drives to the motherboard will plug into the hard drive, or the CD/DVD drive - but not both.

Ok, realize I live in a rural town in Central Florida, which has NO decent computer stores, especially no decent computer stores open on Saturday night. So John and I go to a Radio Shack, get a ribbon there, and think our problem is solved.

John says he can handle it. He plugs the middle plug in the ribbon into the hard drive. Nope, still not long enough. He tried to pull it out. It won't budge. He pulls harder. The plug breaks, part of it still firmly inserted into the back of the hard drive.

This is NOT good.

With pliers, a screwdriver, and a lot of kindness from God, we got the broken plug off the back of the hard drive without turning the hard drive into an expensive paperweight. But we are still without a ribbon. Oh, Bryan...


Anonymous said...

You want me to send you a long ribbon with multiple plugs? (Piper)

Laura Ware said...

Piper that is VERY sweet of you, but our preacher, who also builds computers, has one he will give me (if he can remember to bring it to me). :-)

But thanks for the offer.

Anonymous said...

No charge, ma'am.