Monday, February 04, 2008

A blog worth looking at

A fellow writer named Scott William Carter has put up a blog profiling first time novelists. You can check it out at this link:


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
Wonderful to meet you in Cocoa Beach. I look forward to meeting up with you again real soon! I hope you have positive news from your manuscript submissions!
I'm taggin you. Click back to my blog to find out what it's about!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping you'd be one of the writers profiled. :-(

Webcam said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
Did you once work for a small weekly newspaper in SW Oklahoma??
Hope so.. this former owner would like to get in touch again.. JWL

Laura Ware said...

I did indeed - I don't have an email address on you, please email me at