Monday, July 21, 2008

Turning on the lights, frowning at the mess...

I haven't posted in a while. I will be honest, the future of this blog is uncertain at the moment. I am having to consider the pros/cons of keeping it up.

A blog requires a commitment of time. The problem at the moment is I have other demands on my time, including the writing which I hope to devote more attention to.

Will ponder this while I research. Thanks to those who've checked out the blog and posted comments. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.


Senihele said...

Don't let it become an issue of time. Blogs are created for many reasons. Social. Stress busters. Professional. Organizational. Political.

Yours seems to be a combination of professional and personal. Add what you feel inspired to add. Worry less about how it affects us, altho I love knowing you update and can read how your day is going, and concern yourself only with how this blog can enrich your life.


Minkydo said...

Don't stress out about posting daily. Try a weekly post if that will help. You can schedule posts ahead of time as well. With scheduling, you can write up a month's worth (4 posts) in an hour...depending on how fancy you get :)

I tend to go in spurts with my posts on my blog. I should use the scheduling feature a bit better.

I have to say I much prefer using Blooger in Draft to the regular blogger. This is the one with all the beta features. The new text editor is great.