Wednesday, August 24, 2005

OK, I get the Stupid Award today...

Last week the company that does our pest control called and asked if they could come today. I said, "Sure."

Yesterday James told me he had a two hour early release today. I thought, "No problem." I forgot the pest control people would be coming 1/2 hour after I was supposed to pick up James.

In an unusual move on my part, I left my cell phone off. Normally I have it on, but it wasn't charged and I didn't take the time to plug it into the car charger.

To top it all off, I nearly missed picking James up and when I went running out the door I didn't check to see if the front door was locked.

Well, the pest control person came to the door, found it unlocked, figured I had done so on purpose (some people who work outside the home do so) and came in and started to spray.

Then the alarm went off.

Because my phone was off, I couldn't be reached. The cops showed up to find the pest control person scared out of her wits in her truck. They got hold of Don who came to the house and cleared everything up. He is NOT happy with me.

So I am going to go sit in a corner for a while...


Blogging by Tina said...

You going to join Ty? (when he stood in the corner after knocking a drill off a ladder and breaking a lamp.)

Jeff Slater said...

Oh, tell Don it's not such a big deal. It all turned out OK, didn't it? It's actually a pretty funny story. I'd like to have seen the look on the pest control person's face.

But keep your cell phone on. I tell my wife, "Your cell phone doesn't do much good if it's turned off!"

Chris Hafner said...


Although Jeff's right - that did wind up being a fairly entertaining prank on the pest control person!


Dale said...

Don't worry along about Bedtime Don will forgot all about it.