Monday, August 08, 2005

Arrgh, me hearties!

Ok, years ago, when Windows 3.1 was the standard (yeah, THAT long ago) I became enchanted with a game called Pirates! You might remember it - it took the history of pirates and wove a game that was enchanting, challenging, and just plain fun. I spent many hours on that game, until my operating system outgrew it.

Earlier this year I discovered that the game had been updated. I saw it several times in the store, but the $50 price tag helped me to resist the lure of the 7 seas.

Well, today I gave in. My fate was sealed when I found one copy of it in Electronics Boutique for $29.95. Yes, I bought it. And I just spent 4-5 hours pirating on the 7 seas and enjoying every minute of it.

It will take major doses of discipline to get any work done this week...


Blogging by Tina said...

Have you run into either Captain Feathersword or the dread pirate Roberts yet?

Anonymous said...

[Pipers asks] What is the name of the latest version? I played Pirates! and Pirates! Gold and was thinking of buying a copy of the new one, too.

Laura Ware said...

Sid Meier's Pirates!
Watch out, it is addicting.

Senihele said...

So THAT explains why you were so quiet tonight! LOL


Chris Hafner said...

OMG - another Pirates! fan!

I played Pirates! non-stop back when it came out in 1987, on our original IBM PC 8086 (with 640K of RAM!).

From the sword fights to the broadsides to the romancing the Governor's daughter, to marching into major cities on the Spanish Main and making off with the Silver Train ... that game enthralled me as an 11-year-old to a degree difficult to believe.

That is probably the most addictive game I've ever played, and I still fire it up from time to time (though it takes some serious work to get it to run under XP).

I saw the new version came out lately and picked it up right before the baby came. Still haven't even installed it, because I know if/when I do, I'll have a dirty, hungry baby and an angry, neglected wife.

- Sir Saber

Laura Ware said...

Oh, I know. I haven't been playing it lately, getting teen to college was top priority (though we were playing it simultaneously while he was in town)
Might play it while everyone is out of town this weekend, since it does cause me to SERIOUSLY lose track of time!