Friday, June 24, 2005

In general...

  • Took time off yesterday with James and took him to see Batman Begins. He enjoyed it and I enjoyed watching him watch it.
  • James went through our old Nintendo 64 games, a few old DVD's, and one or two other games and managed to garner about $32 in store credit at Electronics Boutique. So a game he wanted cost only $18. Not bad.
  • Found that the box that held John's new monitor also had some components in it. Waiting for John to get back from camp before we put it all together.
  • I am bound and determined to finish this one story and get it in the mail. It's a good story, and I want to finish it, but this is one of those times where writing is more work than fun.
  • Speaking of the story, it looks like it will be longer than I expected, which means it might not go to the market I had in mind for it. Oh well...

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