Sunday, May 01, 2005

Congrats to my grad!

This evening our local congregation had a reception for those young people who are graduating from high school this year. This includes my oldest, John, who is graduating with honors though he has made it clear he'd rather skip the graduation ceremony. He wanted to skip this reception, too, but Don and I stuck to our guns and said he had to go and let people fuss over him.

We've been at this congregation since 1995, so many of the people here have watched my children grow up. They tell me I have good boys. I know John hates the attention, but I love it when the older people come up to him and tell him what a fine young man he is.

We were supposed to make a poster with pictures and lists of John's accomplishments. Don took over the project and did a super job with it. One of my favorite baby pictures was on it (John on a rug with nothing on but a towel) plus his graduation pictures among others.

John has been accepted to the Honors Freshman class at Freed Hardeman University (small Christian college in Tennessee).

The congregation gave each graduate a Bible dictionary. John got a stack of cards (and I know many of them have money in them) among other things.

I'm proud of him. He hates hearing that, but I am.

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Brenda said...

Ironically enough, I almost went to Freed Hardman myself but wussed out on the distance away from home. A friend of mine did go there however, and he loved it.

Congratulations to John!