Monday, May 30, 2005

Busy week last week!

The highlight (or lowlight) of the week was James smacking himself in the eye with his BB rifle. You remember the movie, "A Christmas Story," where the kid is warned he'll shoot his eye out? No one warned him he could tear his retina whacking himself with the scope, now did they? But James managed to do it and had to undergo laser surgery to fix the tear. He's back to normal and rejoicing in school being out.

I finished another short story - this one a ghost story - and sent it off to Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. I started another story today, but may tear up the beginning and start again...not sure. I keep having to tell my internal editor to shut up while writing and it doesn't always listen very well. :-)

Saturday I was awakened to the sound of hammers - they've begun enclosing our carport. They have the walls up (no sheetrock, siding, or insulation, just wood) and are now waiting on the electrician to do some wiring. Don't ask me when all this happens - I just live here. :-)

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