Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Reading, writing, and a blog to check out

I devoured the Twilight saga last month. It held me and carried me through to the end. I know some people found BREAKING DAWN to be disappointing, but I liked it. It just demonstrates that different people like different things.

This goes for editors as well. A rejection doesn't mean a story's bad (it might mean that, but not necessarily); it means it didn't hit the editor's buttons. Or they'd just bought something like it. Or they don't have room or budget for it. All kinds of reasons.

This week I'm working on getting short stories out that have been sitting in my office for months. They won't sell sitting on a desk, so I'm working on getting stuff in the mail (or email).

Check out the OWN Writer's Blog, listed under my links on the right. The people penning these articles are professional writers, and worth checking out if that's what your goal is.

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