Monday, October 30, 2006

Back from Vulkon...

Well, honestly, I got back Saturday night, totally exhausted. But it was a blast.

First off, hanging out with fellow Trek fans is always a blast. Though Nat has promised to smack me good for not letting her know I got back in one piece...did I mention what a fine human being Nat is? (grovel grovel)

I had my picture taken with Tim Russ and Armin Shimerman, who is slightly taller than me. I was kicking myself because I forgot my camera - Maria took pics for me and she and Nat have both promised to send me copies. Lucky me!

At the moment I am printing the first draft of a novel I've written so I can go over it. Want to be amazed? Print out the 100,000 word novel you spent the last 5 months writing. That's a LOT of paper

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