Friday, May 26, 2006

Lazy Days of Summer

Things are settling down to the laid back slow days of summer. School is out for the boys, Ladies Class is over until the fall, and my schedule gets a little lighter.

Lighter is fortunate, too, since John is working in Human Resources at the hospital Don is at staff at. This means he needs a car, and so I am doing without wheels for now.

I've been working on Novel #2 and have 3 chapters done. I'm also working on some short stories. In June I will begin to crank out Star Trek stories to submit to the Strange New Worlds contest (curious? Check out for details).

We'll be getting ready for our mission trip to Guyana that will take place in July. I intend to try to write some while there as well. I went there last year - readers of this blog might remember that.

Anyway, summer will hopefully be filled with writing and time with my sons. :-)


Jeff Slater said...

You're an inspiration! I have always wanted to write, but I just don't have the commitment that you do.

Perhaps some day.....

Laura Ware said...

I really want to be a bestselling writer some day. Like anything else, writing takes practice and learning.

And bless Don's heart, he's helping me by supporting my dream here.