Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Doing Writing Stuff Without Much Writing...

Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but it sums today up.

I did not do a lot of writing today. Instead, I finally finished a binder that contained markets I have submitted to. I also researched markets for 4 manuscripts that had come back and needed to be sent to new markets.

All this took a couple of hours. When I was finished I hadn't written much but was much better organized. I also have stuff ready to mail.

I'm wrestling with a couple of short stories that are resisting finishing. I have Chapter 4 of my novel planned out in my head and I have to figure where it goes after that.

Well, back to the keyboard...


Technical Analyst said...

Nice Blog :)

Robin Brande said...

Don't you find some days it takes 10 hours to do 2 hours of writing? People don't understand we need to putter, organize, think, read other people's work--all these activities to prime the pump. Then the brain is finally in shape to create.

Researching markets is part of our job. The business side of writing may not look as glamorous, but it's the part that actually gets our work out there. The difference between a writer and a published writer is taking the time (and courage) not only to finish something, but then to send it out.

Bravo to you!

Laura Ware said...

Thanks, Robin. You forgot drinking coffee and eating chocolate, something writers like us MUST do to be creative ;-)