Friday, March 24, 2006

Entering the deadline cave

I have a firm deadline to get this novel finished - next week! This is because I am attending a novel workshop in May to learn more about writing such a thing and part of the qualifications for attending is a finished novel.

I have been working on it and sometimes wish I could just find a box to crawl into with my laptop and room service. It's hard to write at home sometimes because there is so much here that cries out for my attention. Plus John is home from college this week and silly me I want to spend a LITTLE time with him...

Well, I'm going to chain myself somewhere and get this finished. I will warn family and friends I may be very focused this week and just be patient with me I WILL get back to normal (or what passes for normal with me )


Blogging by Tina said...

Okay. I know you've been on a deadline.

I know you're writing a book proposal.

I know you've been ill.

I know you're panicking about said book proposal.

But will you PLEASE do us all a favor and BLOG???

I'm getting tired of reading about the firm deadline you've already met!

Laura Ware said...


Since you ask so nicely...