Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Back from Tennessee...

Hardest part of the trip was the drive - Central Florida to Tennessee is a long hard drive, even with Don and I taking turns. But the benefits were worth it.

One great part of the trip was seeing my oldest friend Tina. We figured out we have known each other 20 years and we have kept the friendship up in one form or fashion all that time. She is probably my best friend, one I can tell ANYTHING to, and I was happy to see her house for the first time. It was great seeing her husband and son as well.

The real goal of the trip though was to visit John and his college and see for ourselves how things are going. They are going pretty well. We have some minor concerns, but the president of the college told us many parents would give anything to have a son like John. He is doing well in his studies and seems to be growing more comfortable in interacting with others, though he will never be Mr. Life-of-the-party. We left feeling pretty good about stuff there.

I got some writing done as well. Going through Atlanta enabled me to get a lot of stuff for my novel, which is partly set in the area. Tina here was again a big help, and I have promised a glowing acknowledgement in the book if it gets published. :-)

Today was the first day back from the trip - I unpacked, checked online stuff, deleted a TON of email and started organizing a long list of stuff that needs to be done. Will write my column after Bible Study tonight and work a little bit on the novel. The next few days will be busy with writing and family stuff as I try to finish the novel, get some short stories mailed out and other stuff.

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Blogging by Tina said...

You almost made me cry. Waaahhhh! :-)