Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Just when you thought it was safe to scrap your hurricane plan...

Looks like we're gonna get a visit from a hurricane after all this year. Wilma looks like a nasty one too. I'm going to go out today to fill up the van, get some supplies, and I'm checking the freezer to see what will be for dinner the next couple of days. (One vow I made last year is that I would NOT be caught with a bunch of food in the freezer to spoil after a hurricane).

We were supposed to have hurricane shutters up by now, but they kept putting us off. Too late now, let's hope we won't miss them this weekend.

Keep us and everyone in the path of this beast in your prayers.


Brenda said...

You guys take care. (Tina too if she's in Florida.) My thoughts, my prayers and my heart is with you.

Blogging by Tina said...

Tina's in Georgia. But I appreciate the thoughts. :-)