Saturday, September 26, 2009

The death of a streak

Well, my streak of writing 500 words a day died after 147 days.

What happened?

Short answer is, life happened.

Longer answer is more complex.

I came off an intensely busy summer - a son who graduated from college, underwent dental surgery, and got married in a matter of weeks; three wonderful but intense back to back workshops; a vacation with Don.

I finished a 90,000 word novel at the end of August. It was intense and somewhat draining.

I've been helping to care for my inlaws and dealing with other issues on the homefront.

The upshot? I think I drained all my reserves - physically, mentally, and most importantly for this post, creatively.

So right now I'm taking some time to recharge. Don, bless his heart, sent me to a local hotel for a couple of days. From now until Monday afternoon, I'm responsible only for myself.

Hopefully, that will get the creative brain up and running again. Yeah, I fell down. But I'll get up and start another streak soon. I did it once - I can do it again.

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