Thursday, October 18, 2007

Republicans acting stupidly?

I am getting real tired of the Republican Party telling conservatives, "you must support whoever we tell you to support, or else."

I left the party a while ago because whatever they were once, they are barely giving more than lip service to conservative values. Someone try to tell me that Rudy Giuliani is a conservative. Go ahead. Try.

People say a third party candidate can't win. The Republicans weren't always a major party. With that attitude, it's possible the Whigs would still be a party. And we wouldn't have gotten Abraham Lincoln.

I'm tired of the two major parties doing all they can to bar others from participating. I'm fed up with Republicans who are willing to jettison social conservative values as long as a candidate says he/she will cut their taxes.

I'm watching. And waiting. Let's see who the two parties try to shove down our throats.

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Anonymous said...

I've BEEN fed up for some time.