Thursday, August 16, 2007

What a month!

So what's going on?

- First draft of my latest novel, "The Silent Witness" finally finished. Will go back to it soon - still have to go over another novel, "Dead Hypocrites," and I'm sketching out my next attempt at publication. (None of these have been published yet - still working on them).
- My father in law had surgery to fix a shunt in his head. He is doing better.
- College kid goes back to college tomorrow (sob).
- We have a houseguest for the week - a friend of one of my sons.
- My old laptop has started making ominous grinding sounds, so I have a new one which I have to configure while I get used to Windows Vista.

So any wonder I'm not blogging? '-)

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Senihele said...

Mega hugs, my darlin
Always good to see you blogging.