Thursday, July 12, 2007

Shore Leave

I'm in Baltimore, MD this weekend for Shore Leave, a sci-fi convention. Here I will be signing copies of Strange New Worlds 10, a Star Trek anthology which contains my first published fiction, "Adjustments."

If I did this right you should be able to see the cover here:

I'll keep you posted on things.


Anonymous said...

Lord help us, she is now SIGNING BOOKS!

I hope you sign enough books to get writers' cramp. :-)

Senihele said...


and you know why.....

I name dropped your name on Peter David's blog. I HAD to!!!

Senihele said...

And if I send you two copies of the book, would you sign them? I told a friend I'd ave you sign one for him but that was when I thought sure I'd be there.

Laura Ware said...

Oh course I will, Senihele. You know where to find me... :-)

And I was sorry not to get to see you. That would've been fabulous!