Saturday, June 16, 2007

Civilization 4

Civilization 4 is an engrossing, fascinating, addictive game in which you try to build the best civilization of them all.

In other words, it is evil.

I am embarassed to tell you how many hours I've spent playing this game. Many of them have been with my oldest, who has quickly mastered the subtleties of the game and is excellent at it.

If you buy it (and if you like games like this, you should) make sure you have a caring spouse or parent to yank you off the computer from time to time. Or commit yourself to not playing until the house is clean, your homework is done, or your pages are written. :-)

Otherwise, we may never hear from you again...


Anonymous said...

Is that why I haven't heard from you; because you've been too deep into Civ 4??

Rodrigo said...

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