Monday, December 18, 2006

Mt. Hood Rescue

I have been riveted to Fox News watching updates about this. At this point, they have found the body of one of the climbers and they are continuing to search for the other 2, though hope is fading.

No one could mistake me for a mountain climber. I am, though, fascinated with those who do it and the risks they willingly take. I've read "Into Thin Air," and realize it is a sport that fascinates those who indulge in it.

My prayers go out to the familes of the hikers. For the family who lost a family member, and the others still waiting for hopefully good news.


Michael Blackburn, Sr said...

You know, I was riveted by yesterday's coverage.
Most of the cable news channels carried the attempt live without commercials.
Pretty sad.
In the type of situation encountered in Mt hood, some pretty simple mistakes were made.
If the group had stayed together they would all be off of the Mountain now.
Let's pray that the other two are recovered safely and alive.

Anonymous said...

I'm not holding out much hope for the other two. May God have mercy on the families.