Thursday, September 28, 2006

Which party?

When I first became eligible to vote, I registered as an independent. I figured I didn't know enough abut either party to decide which one to join.

Later, I became a Republican, because at the time, I thought we were going somewhat in the same direction.

These days I am not so sure.

I believe in a limited federal government and fiscal responsibility. I believe that judges should interpret the law and not pull new ones out of thin air. On most social issues, I would be considered conservative.

Yet the Republicans lately seem no more fiscally responsible than the Democrats. Nor do they object to bloated and ineffective government programs. They pay lip service to these things, but when you get right down to it, they don't practice what they preach.

Because I am pro-life I can't bring myself to go to the Democratic Party (yeah, tell me about their big tent. Pro-lifers are lepers in the tent). I am looking seriously at returning to my independent beginnings. Only reason I haven't done it yet is the whole issue of primaries, and I find that being a member of a party just so I can vote in that party's primary isn't a strong enough reason anymore.

Who left? Me or my party?


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Blogging by Tina said...

I'm a Republican who's about to vote Democrat in our governor's race. Reason? Because of the pathetic, dehumanizing way that the state government is treating kids like my son (who has autism).

I would love to be able to pay for my son's medical care out of my own pocket. But it's not possible, and insurance only covers up to a certain point. So we use Medicaid as secondary insurance.

Our state is making it increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to care for our special needs kids the way we would like to.

So I'm with you. Which party?