Thursday, December 08, 2005

Between Nano and Christmas - beware, rambling!

50,175 words. That is my total count for National Novel Writing Month. I felt a great sense of joy and relief when I uploaded the wordcount to the Nano Website and got a "good job!' message. That was a lot of work. Now I have to finish the thing, but at least I'm on a less crazed timetable with it!

The column still goes on. I'm lucky that I can usually find something to talk about every week. Reader input is always a joy. Even criticism. It means someone is reading the thing.

I got a reject on a story I wrote before Nano consumed me. It's waiting to get booted back out into the cold cruel world. I need to decide where to send it next.

I also need to finish a short story I started before Nano. It's a little different for me - more of a suspense kind of story. I also need to do some research on the thing.

We are now an iguana-less household. We've had 3 iguanas for a while. The boys decided to give the two big ones to a local pet store, because they were not exactly friendly. The third, a little one, must have missed them, because she turned up dead in her aquarium one evening - we aren't sure why.

I would like to get 4 short stories written and sent before the year is up. That would make 20 short stories I've written and sent out this year. A start. Right now I am trying to pick my writing goals for 2006.

Hope everyone is doing well and not too insane during this season...


Senihele said...

Have you ever used the fledglings leaving the nest as column material? *grin* Or you could tell your sleep story.

Laura Ware said...

Funny that you ask about the fledging leaving the nest...check out next entry...