Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Ok, this is NOT my day for plumbing

OK, so the septic guy comes and pumps out our septic tank. He says everything should run fine.

So I start to run once again the load of sheets and towels I had in the washer, and throw together dinner.

Suddenly James says, "Mom, the sink is filling up!"

Sure enough, the kitchen sink was filling up with water, and as I ran to the sink I looked into the laundry room and saw fresh water on the floor.

We turned off the washer. Further research determined the water in the laundry room was bubbling up from the drainage pipe behind the washing machine.

While Don and James go to church I am sitting at home, waiting for the plumber to call me back.



Anonymous said...

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Senihele said...

Ironic that I came home this evening to notice the floor seal in the upstairs bathroom has to be loose. Water on the floor around the fixture. :( Will have to wait till next week for the plumber and hope it doesn't get much worse.


Blogging by Tina said...


Or should that read glub?