Sunday, April 24, 2005

Ok, now I didn't mean to hurt feelings...

People, my friends ARE a part of my life. And I value my relationships online and off. Let me give a few more details on recent events...

-- As I have indicated earlier in this blog, I have been up to my ears in getting ready for a writer's workshop next month. This has entailed a huge amount of reading - I have one more book to go after I finish the one I'm in (less than 100 pages to go in it!) and the last book has over 600 pages in it not to mention small print.

-- Our preacher's wife, who is also our church secretary, has been very ill. In fact, she has been in and out of the hospital this past couple of weeks and is back in scheduled to undergo some rather major surgery on Monday. That has meant somebody has had to step in and take over at least some of the office duties. My other name is apparently Somebody.

Please be understanding and patient with me right now. Swamped is a good description of how I feel some days, and it's not that I value any of you less. :-)

I will get back to normal - give me time.

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